04 November 2008

Canvas Prints for Sale Using PhotoShelter's New Embedded Gallery

The above gallery contains some photos of Alberta prairie scenes including Balzac and Rosebud using PhotoShelter's "embed gallery" feature. It is designed to take advantage of viral marketing as it allows anyone to grab the code and embed the slide show in any web page or blog. It is also possible to get a link for the gallery and email it to people or post it anywhere. This is great for introducing new work or for contacting clients directly with the edits from a shoot, as the link can travel easily to stakeholders. These galleries are also much nicer than the Photoshop web gallery option, as it allows full screen playback and it always links back to your PhotoShelter account.

This is a very good option for people who aren't web savvy, as they don't need to know any code, nor do they have to upload the files anywhere once the gallery is made. I know of several photographers who do not update their own web sites, so this is perfect for them.

To post a PhotoShelter gallery on a Blogger page follow these instructions:

  • When writing a new post hit the "Edit Html" link on the top right side of the Blogger editing window.
  • Then copy and paste the code from the web gallery (available by clicking the "grab embed code" triangle on the gallery's bottom right corner).
  • Hit "Preview" in the Blogger window and the gallery should be there. Make sure you copy the embed code, not the URL code if you want the gallery to show like mine does above.
  • If you want to paste a link somewhere, then take the URL code instead.
The "embed gallery" option is one of the many new features of PhotoShelter which make it a great choice for photographers showing, marketing and selling their work. PhotoShelter is striving to remain in the game, and is working hard at adding new features to help both photographers and clients buy and sell images.

UPDATE: This embedded gallery process is not as simple on WordPress.com blogs as it is on Blogger. WordPress.org (software download) self hosted blogs seem to work though, but you need to install a widget. Instructions are here, though it still seems to be a rather complicated process.

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